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  • New taxon (new basionym)
    Name of a new taxon: A name validly published in its own right, i.e. one not based on a previously
    validly published name; it is not a new combination, a name at new rank (status novus), or a
    replacement name (nomen novum)
  • New combination
    New combination: here including new combination and name at new rank.
    (1) New combination (combinatio nova, comb. nov.) A new name for a taxon below the
    rank of genus based on a legitimate, previously published name, which is its
    basionym and which provides the final epithet of the new combination.
    (2) Name at new rank (status novus): A new name based on a legitimate, previously
    published name at a different rank, which is its basionym and which provides the
    final epithet,name, or stem of the name at new rank (Art. 6.10 and 7.3)
  • New name (replacement name or nomen novum)
    New name (replacement name or nomen novum):
    A replacement name (nomen novum, nom. nov.) is a new name published as an explicit substitute
    (avowed substitute) for a legitimate or illegitimate, previously published name, which is its replaced
    synonym. The replaced synonym, when legitimate, does not provide the final epithet, name, or
    stem of the replacement name.
  • New typification
    New typification: The application of names of taxa at the rank of family or below is determined
    by means of nomenclatural types (types of names of taxa). The application of names of taxa at the
    higher ranks is also determined by means of types when the names are formed from a generic name
    (see Art. 10.10).

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  • Single registration on webpage
  • Batch registration file upload for 5 or more new species (at rank of species)

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    Stick the citation of the publication and the form bellow (except the Page reference) will be filled in automatically. Please check the information carefully.
    eg. Transcriptomic analysis of Pseudomonas ogarae F113 reveals the antagonistic roles of AmrZ and FleQ during rhizosphere adaption ,Gao, Y., Liu, F., Duan, W., Crous, P. W., & Cai, L.MICROBIAL GENOMICS
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    Volume Part / Issue Page Page reference
    Page reference is the page or pages on which the basionym or replaced
    synonym was validly published or on which the protologue appears.
    Year of publication
    Actural avaliable year of the publication.
    Year on publication
    The year printed on the publication.


    Notes: Please refine and release the names when the registered names were published in any EFFECTIVE PUBLICATION. All information above can be edited in Name Registration or My Workbench before release.

    Make sure all required fileds are finished, please.
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